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Valium (Diazepam)

Generic Name: Diazepam (dye AZ e pam)
Brand Names: Valium
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Valium is a drug dominantly consisting of active agent diazepam falling under benzodiazepine group and that has got a wide traction in medical practice as debilitant, anti-anxiety, myorelaxing and anti-convulsion medicine.

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It is used to treat anxiety disorders, insomnia, epileptic convulsions, and muscular spasms, to prepare patients to some of medical procedures such as, for instance, endoscopy, to sedate, as anesthesia and as a part of alcoholic rehabilitation therapy. In the course of the medication the effects of blood pressure step-down, vascular distention, increase in pain threshold, antidysrhythmic action, paroxysms decrease and reduction of gastric secretion during the night time are also observed.


various neuropsychic disorders including schizophrenia, idiophrenic disorders, cerebrovascular diseases, somatic disorders attended by attribute of psychic tension, anxiety, irrational fear, increased irritability, obsessional neurosis, sleep disorders, psychomotor agitation jugulation in cases of disorders listed; epileptic convulsion seizures, epileptic status jugulation; spastic states; itching dermatosis, alcohol abstinence.

In pediatric psycho-neurological practice the drug is applied for neurotic states attended by symptoms listed below as well as head aches, urinary incontinence, affective and behavioral disorders.

Dosage and administration:

for each patient a dose should be prescribed individually according to diagnose and health factors.

An average dose in psychiatric and neurological practice is 5-10 mg twice or thrice per day. In case of alcohol abstinence it is 10 mg taken in 3 or 4 intakes for the first 24 hours and 5 mg divided into 3-4 intakes for the following days.

For fragile patients and patients over 65 years old it is reasonable to start the medication with 2 mg twice a day.

Patients continuing working can apply 2,5 mg twice a day or 5 mg at once in the evenings. For cardiac angina and blood pressure disorders the dose is 2-5 mg twice or thrice a day. In pediatric cases of somatic disorders and spasms for children aged 6-12 months 1-2,5 mcg/kg is prescribed 3-4 times per day; for children aged 1-3 years it is 1 mg; for children aged 3-7 years it is 2 mg; for children over 7 years old it is 3-5 mg.

The maximum daily amount of the drug allowed is 10 mg should not be exceeded.

Get a consultation of a qualified doctor to get a precise dosage administered.


pregnancy, lactation period, age under 6 months old; depressive states, states of acute intoxications; individual intolerance to the active agent, glaucoma, myasthenia, acute forms of breathing disorders.

Side effects:

somnolence, increased tiredness, decreased attentiveness, bad co-ordination, nausea, dry mouth or allergy may be observed during the adaptation period.

Interaction with other medicines:

be aware that Valiums effect becomes more pronounced in case of combining with psychotropic, antispasmodic, anesthetic, antidepressant drugs and barbiturates. Combining Valium with alcohol is unacceptable.

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